Externally, it looks like an ordinary battered cargo container, the surface of which is covered with rust. However, upon closer inspection inside…

Repurposing old containers for housing is a highly effective way to reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Here are some of the most remarkable container homes.

1. This home located in Savannah, Georgia was designed by the Price Street Projects team.

The design is contemporary and unassuming, and what is particularly interesting is that it is built entirely from shipping containers!

The construction of a luxurious house from old containers may seem implausible at first glance.

However, these innovative structures offer a sustainable solution by repurposing discarded containers.

The house covers an area of 80 square meters and comprises a bedroom, a bathroom, and a spacious and bright kitchen.

2. The construction of this modern residence in Redondo Beach, USA, utilized repurposed shipping containers. 

The house has a unique and creative design, despite its seemingly ordinary appearance.

The wall can be folded up, providing an opportunity to appreciate the surrounding nature.

This property is located in a tranquil area on the Los Angeles shoreline.
It boasts four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a spacious living room with a fireplace.

3. This cabin is located in the beautiful province of Quebec, Canada.

Architect Bernard Morin utilized seven containers to design this symmetrical masterpiece.
The house boasts four bedrooms and a total area of 320 square meters.

4. This residence located in El Tiemblo, Spain, is composed of four repurposed shipping containers.

The property was constructed by Infiniski and designed by James & Mau Arquitectura.

The construction of this 220 square meter house required an investment of €140,000 and took a period of six months to complete.

5. This house located in the Mojave Desert is an exceptional example of modern architecture.

The utilization of containers imparts an industrial aesthetic to the ceiling.

6. This residence in Flagstaff, Arizona, was expertly built using six shipping containers.

The floors are made of concrete and feature walnut inlays.

It is worth noting that the space in this area is quite impressive.

One might find it challenging to envision state-of-the-art machinery contained within a humble corrugated metal enclosure.

The rooftop terrace is an excellent addition to the property. It is impressive how the use of basic materials has resulted in such a remarkable outcome!

This style aligns with ecological architecture, showcasing projects that exemplify how creativity can transform the entirely commonplace into something extraordinary.

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