Hundreds of Roman gold coins found in the basement of the old theater

Several hundred gold coins, believed to be more than 1.5 thousand years old, were discovered by archaeologists near the Italian Lake Como, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism of Italy reported.

According to the ministry’s statement, «several hundred gold coins of the late (Roman) Empire era» were discovered in the center of Como during archaeological excavations conducted at the site of the former Cressoni Theater as part of restoration work.

According to the statement, the coins were found «in a steatite vessel with a unique shape.»

Experts have already extracted 27 coins from the amphora and sent them to Milan for examination.

«We do not yet know in detail about the historical and cultural significance of the find,» Culture Minister Alberto Bonisoli said in a press release. «But this area turned out to be a real treasure for our archeology. A discovery that fills me with pride.»

According to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the coins were discovered last week and transferred to the Mibac restoration laboratory in Milan, where they are being examined by archaeologists and restorers.

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