If you ever notice an elastic band on the door handle, do not touch it.

Returning to our home should always evoke feelings of safety, security, and freedom from danger.

It’s a place where we can unwind after a demanding morning or afternoon, knowing we are safe.

Given that many people feel the safest within the confines of their homes, it’s crucial to ensure that their sense of security is never compromised while they’re there.

Numerous individuals set up security cameras on their premises to protect both their safety and privacy.

Despite these precautions, criminals persist in devising new methods to unlawfully enter people’s homes.

Recently, Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, a woman from Texas, shared a story to raise awareness about a new technique burglars are using to gain unauthorized entry into homes.

Kim was alone at home when she heard a knock at the door, which quickly escalated into a loud banging.

As she hadn’t been expecting anyone, she wisely chose to keep the door shut.

Nervous about the increasingly forceful knocking, she opted to wait a while before venturing outside to check if the person was still there.

After some time, she descended the stairs and opened the front door, finding no one in sight.

Later, she noticed a rubber band on the door handle and promptly notified the police, unsure of its significance.

Upon the police’s arrival, they informed her that other residents nearby had also found rubber bands on their doorknobs.

They explained why burglars use this unusual method.

When someone answers the door and removes the latch, the rubber band remains in place, making it easier for thieves to gain entry.

The rubber band keeps the latch open, preventing homeowners from closing and locking the door.

Kim is now determined to spread awareness about this new tactic and caution others to be extra vigilant when opening doors to strangers.

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