The dog barked for six hours in the hope of saving its owner

A year ago, a boy went out for a walk and heard a low squeak. At first he thought it was a bird, but then he decided to check where the sound was coming from. And there, in the grass, he saw a little puppy that was no more than three days old.

The guy took the puppy and took it to the vet clinic, where the puppy was given all the necessary procedures. The guy then decided to take care of the puppy until he got stronger. But as time passed, he and his family became attached to the puppy and decided to keep him in their home.

A year later, something amazing happened: the dog thanked his owner for his rescue and care. One day Joaquin went for a walk with his dog, named Tanka, to a field. Suddenly, Tanka ran away, and Joaquin rushed after her. At that moment, he was talking to his mother on the phone and didn’t notice he fell down a well of water.

He could not get out on his own, and his phone fell into the water and drowned. Nevertheless, he had Tanka by his side, who did not leave his owner and started barking in a frantic manner so that at least someone would hear them. People who passed by and heard the loud barking could not understand what was happening.

It was a full six hours before two girls came over to see what was going on. They saw Joaquin needing help and immediately called the rescue service. The guy got away with some bruises, and otherwise was fine. Tanka was very tired, because she had barked for so many hours just to save her owner.

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