The family implemented effective measures to restore the house, which was in a state of disrepair.

This house, which was constructed over 130 years ago and had been left unoccupied for many years prior to its purchase, has been magnificently renovated.

Please take a moment to appreciate its current appearance…

The house, constructed in 1887, was considered hazardous due to its apparent instability.

Despite its dilapidated state, Jim and Jean Leaman, local residents, recognized its potential and expressed interest in the property, which had previously failed to attract prospective buyers.

The love of classical architecture forced the retired couple to purchase this house, which turned into ruins. Their dedication and experience in restoring the facility are truly commendable.

In five years of daily work, they have successfully turned the ruins into a magical place that can now be called home.

The transformation is impressive. Moreover, you will be amazed when you see the interior…

This is how the house looked at the beginning.
And this is how it looked after the restoration.

The interior is quite impressive.

The house in question resembles something that could be shown in a Harry Potter movie.

The flooring is composed of five distinct wood species, and the glass panels enable a spectrum of colours to shine through.

Each of the five bedrooms on the second floor has a unique decoration and special charm.

This small attic room is an ideal location for an office.

It is amazing to see the transformations that have taken place and the impressive results achieved.

With a lot of effort, time, and financial resources, they were able to successfully turn the dilapidated building into a cozy and hospitable place to live.

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