A man saved a bear cub and got a lot of fish from a bear mother in gratitude

The man told about what happened that day only after some time. He well remembered that the fishing was poor. During a couple of hours of fishing he caught only a couple of medium-sized fish. The man did not want to go home without his catch, so he continued fishing.

To make sure he didn’t miss a catch, the man looked at the water, which made him notice a little bear cub being carried by the current of the river. The bear cub probably wanted to catch a trout, but could not hold on and was carried along by the current. The man knew that a few minutes later the bear cub would be carried away by the current, so he did not hesitate to rush to his rescue.

The man hurried to the bear cub, grabbed it in his arms, and carried it to the shore. The man put the animal down on the ground, and looked around for its mother. The bear mother was nowhere to be seen, and the cub, meanwhile, shook off the water and rushed to run into the thicket.

The man returned to his fishing rod. He stood on the bank for another hour, but he couldn’t catch anything, so he decided to go home. As he turned away from the river he noticed a large bear standing quite close.

The man froze, but the animal had no intention of attacking; it was staring intently at the man, and there were two large trout lying at its feet.

The man realized that the bear came out of the thicket to thank him for helping the baby, and brought the trout as a gift.

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