A three-legged kitten was found in a pile of garbage: how it has become one year later

Dog owners always get up early and are among the first to be outside. While many citizens were just waking up, Elena was already outside to give her dog plenty of time for a walk. The dog took his time getting home, running down the street and sniffing everything in his path. When the dog pulled Lena to another bush, a low squeak could be heard from the tangled branches. At first she thought she heard a squeak, but then she decided to check and make sure there was no one in the bushes.

Looking around carefully, Lena noticed the source of the squeaking – the little kitten was just lying in the middle of a pile of garbage. Apparently, the animal was injured: one of the baby’s paws was lying at a strange angle, and when Lena touched it, it was very cold.

Although the kitten was lying in the garbage, it was clean, which meant that it had recently had a home. The little girl turned out to be very pretty, but she still ended up on the street. Perhaps the little girl ran away on her own, using a loose door, or perhaps she was thrown out of the house, for whatever reason, because people always find excuses for such cruelty.

The baby was taken to the vet, who determined that the joint in the scapula was crushed and there was no sensation in the paw. The paw had to be amputated.

Despite her experiences, the kitty proved to be very cheerful. She is quickly adapting to her peculiarities and is very grateful for the help of her handler. The little one showed her affection to the woman with all her might, and the woman reciprocated.

Having recovered, the little girl has found a new home and a family that loves her no matter what.

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