Incredible luck of an Alaskan resident who found seven bobcats and their mother on his porch

Tim Newton, an engineer by profession who lives in Alaska, is already used to the neighborhood with animals. Hares, foxes, deer and even bears appear on the horizon from time to time. His house stands next to the forest, and for all his long life, the owner has only seen its inhabitants from afar and briefly.












Tim knew that lynxes lived in the forest. He glimpsed them only 4 times, and then during forays into remote places. What was the surprise of the old man who looked out of the window early in the morning and saw a whole bunch of little lynxes. They were carelessly playing and running back and forth on a wide area with a canopy.

Afraid to scare off unexpected guests, Tim took more than 100 photos from all possible points of the house. But it wasn’t very impressive through the glass. He ventured to open the door quietly and come closer. By that time, the kids were joined by their mother, who calmly watched the acrobatic performances of her seven cubs.

The wonderful visit lasted more than 40 minutes. As soon as Tim looked out on the porch, the family left the territory in an organized and lightning-fast manner.

Experts believe that the lynx took its cubs on a training hunt, and in pursuit of hares, they ended up at the Newton house. White hares are the main food for these feline representatives. They also noted that seven healthy cubs in a litter is a rare record. Usually there are three or four of them.

But Tim’s luck didn’t end there. Two months later, the charming family in the same composition returned to the place of their entertainment.

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