The elderly widow was in a deep stress when all of a sudden the elk appeared at her window

An 81-year-old woman named Mette Kvam lived all alone in Aurland, Norway, after the death of her husband. She was afraid that she would spend the rest of her days alone.

But then, as if he had heard her pleas for friendship, an amazing creature appeared at her window.

Mette, who lives alone in a house on a mountainside, began to feel lonely after the death of her husband.
Day after day, she felt lonely and isolated. And then one day something incredible happened. Mette began to notice that one particular deer appeared at her house every day.

Experts advise people to never approach deer. Despite the fact that they are gorgeous and seem gentle, they can cause significant harm to a person. For Mette, this warning didn’t matter.

When she saw the deer, she couldn’t help but fall in love with it. For her, it was not some wild animal, but a creature with a gentle and kind behavior.

She decided to offer the buck food.

Mette pulled out a loaf of bread through the window.
When the deer stretched its neck up to reach the window, she handed him a piece. The deer took a piece of bread from Mette’s hands slowly and carefully. It was then that she discovered how much this male loves bread snacks.

Of course, she had to give him a name. If you are going to feed a deer daily, it needs a name.

So Mette settled on Flippen.
After the first meeting, she wasn’t sure if the deer would come back for more bread. But he did it. Every day he took his place under her window, patiently waiting for Mette to give him his favorite treat.

The friendship between Matte and Flippen has grown into something special. From the very first day of feeding Flippen, he returned not once a day, but twice.

Now that she has a wonderful friend, Mette no longer feels lonely. The days when she felt lonely were long gone. Thanks to Flippen and his daily habit of going for bread, she feels alive again.

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