The emaciated dog was crying from hunger and loneliness, not understanding why she was left

The man was walking around the city when he noticed an extremely emaciated dog. The animal was in a terrible condition. Due to exhaustion, her skin was tight around her bones and you could see every bone. The animal has not eaten for a long time, and most likely was dehydrated. She didn’t have the strength to just move, let alone wander around the city in search of food.

The man realized that if the dog is not helped right now, then her time is numbered. Therefore, he immediately contacted animal rights activists. Tina Soller, who arrived on his call, was horrified to see the dog. Even in the practice of a zookeeper rich in various cases, an animal in such a deplorable state was caught for the first time.

The dog turned out to be thoroughbred.The vet said it was a Spanish galgo, better known as a greyhound. This breed often finds itself on the street. Hunters often take dogs of this breed during the season.But after they become unnecessary, they are simply thrown out into the street or put to sleep altogether. Dogs up to two years old are suitable for hunting. And animal rights activists are increasingly finding older greyhounds on the street.

After learning about the unfortunate fate of these dogs, Tina, who is British by origin, moved to Spain and founded a center where she rescues greyhounds that have ceased to be needed by their owners.

Matilda, the first dog saved by Tina, was very weak, emaciated and suffering from parasites. Also, the animal was extremely scared and wouldn’t let people near it. To pick her up from the street, Tina had to put a muzzle on her. After all, she tried to bite a woman.

The vet said the dog was only exhausted. But she doesn’t have any other diseases. Therefore, Matilda soon got stronger and recovered. Tina managed to find a new family for her ward, in which she is happy.

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