The German Shepherd, who was handed over to the shelter with his toy, cries before going to bed

Dogs are like people; they are emotionally shut down when they are rejected by a loved one.

Jordy, the German Shepherd this story tells, lived in a happy home with his family, and since he was with his family, he has always remained playful and happy.

However, one day the family decided that their two-month-old puppy should be left at an animal shelter. The family sent him to the shelter as a keepsake along with his favorite toys, a blanket and some food, and they never wanted this dog to be a neighbor in their lives again.

Usually, when they arrive at the animal shelter, all animals feel sad because they need a family home. At best, these dogs prefer to live with loving people around them and are happy with their families. Therefore, the environment of an animal shelter is never a good fit for them.

From the day this dog entered the shelter, he was frustrated and sad, swallowing only small amounts of water and chewing a few grits of food.

Jordy spends most of his time only in his kennel. And because he misses his family, whom he was supposed to be with, this baby cries every night while he sleeps. Dogs of this age usually tend to play and have fun and shouldn’t cry under normal circumstances.

Finding a new loving home is very important for this dog. The staff is doing all they can to make sure that Jordy finds a loving family again and never cries or is sad again.

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