The man jumped off the bridge, and the dog was lying on the bridge, hoping for his owner’s return

This story will not leave anyone indifferent. The dog was sitting on the bridge, waiting for his owner, who had jumped from the bridge into the river a few minutes before. The dog could not believe that the man he loved would never come back.

The dog lay on the bridge for a long time, staring at the water, as if waiting for its owner to return. People noticed the dog’s strange behavior and decided to look at the surveillance tapes to see what had happened.

People already knew that the man had jumped off the bridge, but they did not know that he had come here with the dog and that it was still waiting for him. Camera footage allowed people to figure out what had happened. A passerby tried to get the dog off the bridge. But frightened by the stranger, the dog immediately ran away.

No one knows what happened to the dog next, but we want to hope that it’ s fate turned out well. It is hard for an animal to survive the loss of a loved one. But we want to believe that it will meet a family who will love it and help it survive its loss.

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