The owners threw the kitten in the parking lot and drove away. The baby understood and cried

In a small town, someone threw a little kitten out of a car in the parking lot near the clinic. The little cat immediately rushed to run after the leaving owners, but when he realized that they could not catch up, he mewled pitifully and hid in the bushes.

Then someone frightened the kitten away, and he hid behind a trash can and sat there, not moving, for several days. However, hunger eventually overcame fear, and the tiny cat crawled fearfully out of its hiding place. The kitten was spotted by the janitors at the parking lot and started to feed him. The baby remained fearful and did not even let himself be petted.

A man spotted this poor cat and decided to write to the volunteers who run their blog about homeless animals. Unfortunately, there is no shelter that deals with stray dogs and cats in this town. The enthusiastic guys immediately responded to the call for help and came to the address indicated. Surprisingly, they were able to catch the little guy quickly by luring him with yummy treats.

The kitten was placed in a private shelter. The vet checked his health, gave him all the necessary vaccinations. And then they were able to put him in good hands. Now the little one has good owners, good food and a warm home. Let’s be happy for him!

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