At 93, she looks 40. Lollobrigida charmed fans with a youthful look in a new photo

The Italian film legend will be 94 years old in July, can you imagine?

Even today she is called a beauty and style icon, although the famous Italian actress is already 93 years old. She has always been distinguished not only by her beauty, but also by the diversity of her talents, sharp mind, ardent temper and the ability to “hold her posture” in all circumstances. Gina Lollobrigida is an actress, model, artist, sculptor, and at the same time a strong person who is happy to share her secrets of youth and vigor.

Lollobrigida continues to take care of her appearance, visiting beauty salons and various boutiques. The 93-year-old actress loves to do makeup and stylish hairstyles that lift the beauty’s spirits.

Gina’s fans discussed the star’s new photos in the comments. Let’s find out what fans of the beauty are writing under her pictures.

“I love it,” “I can’t believe she’s 93,” “Classy woman.”

“She’ll never get old,” “She’s not far away from 100,” “Gina is a goddess,” “Get my jaw off the floor,” “Gorgeous madam,” the network users wrote.

Gina Lollobrigida has repeatedly shared her opinion that true beauty is inaccessible to the common eye, because it lies within the person, and the screens should show the heart, but not the naked body. Beauty comes from within, and its manifestation is influenced by thoughts and feelings.

And the actress generously shares with everyone the secret of her longevity. She never allowed herself to lose interest in life, because that is what keeps the brain from aging. She also did not allow herself to be idle, always taking pictures or sculpting, singing, playing, listening to birdsong and being able to find beauty daily and hourly. She has no time to grow old and reflect on the frailty of existence.

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