The little girl made millions cry!

Children have a pure soul, and they are an example to us. We sometimes become insensitive. But children are given to us as a reminder of humanity. When we look at them, at least our heart becomes a little softer!

Jean Bou Hamdan, a girl from Syria, sang about war and made millions of people around the world cry. Jean sang a fragment of the famous song “Give Us Back our Childhood, Give Us Back Our Peace,” which was first sung by the Lebanese singer Remi Bandali. The song was dedicated to the children of Lebanon, forced to live in the war that has raged in that country for 15 years.

And little Jean’s mother couldn’t stand it and cried when she sang this song.

You don’t need to know the language in which the girl sings. Her intonation, music, and facial expression will tell you everything!

Thank you Jean for those tears, for those feelings! And thank you to the judges who were so supportive of this sweet girl!!!

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