The doctors could not help and the woman decided to lose 63.5 kilograms on her own

Charlotte Green, a 39-year-old mother of two, began experiencing health problems when she began to weigh 140 kilograms. Charlotte found it very difficult to control her weight after two pregnancies, and it got to the point where she became obese. Charlotte experienced uterine prolapse caused by obesity. She went to doctors to have a gastric bandage to combat her obesity, but she was denied the surgery because the woman was not fat enough for her. After the doctors refused, Charlotte believed in herself and decided to lose weight on her own. The result is really impressive.

The 140-kilogram Charlotte, before her transformation

Charlotte suffered a prolapsed uterus caused by obesity, then doctors had to give the woman a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) because it was the only way out of her situation

In addition to being pregnant, Charlotte loved to eat. She sought help from doctors to have an operation to bandage her stomach, but the National Health Service refused her, on the grounds that the woman was not fat enough for her.

After the rejection, the woman took her life in her hands and was determined to lose weight. She completely overhauled her life by going on a diet and exercising.

The result was immediate, and in 15 months Charlotte lost 63.5 kilograms.

Charlotte’s husband supported her because he advised her to lose weight the natural way

Charlotte is glad she didn’t get a gastric bandage at the time. Now she hopes that the National Health Service, which denied her a gastric bandage, will allow the woman to remove the excess skin she had left over from her weight loss.

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