The guy photoshops cartoon characters in his photos so that it seems they will soon appear in real life

An elementary school teacher, who is also an artist and an actor, creates very amazing photos using Photoshop. In his photos, he communicates with Disney characters. We all know Simba, Hercules, Aladdin and other characters. Now we can admire them in the photos of our master!

In an interview, the artist said that he used to be a fan of the movie “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”. In this film, he liked the combination of animation and live action. Then he learned how to use Photoshop, thanks to which he now creates his own photos.

When you tell Mush that your favorite dragon from the movies is Toothless

No wonder I can’t save!

When you hear a noise in the middle of the night

This is my pie!

Never fall asleep if there are friends nearby

When the popcorn ends before the movie starts

I warned you it would hurt!

Clearly someone doesn’t like fans

Oh, those cats!

When you don’t share your friends’ culinary tastes

Pajama Party


Who wanted tea?

Worse than children!

We really love candy!

Relaxing with friends is so cool

Can I invite you to the dance?

You have to knock the door before entering!

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