The tallest man and the smallest woman in the world met

The world’s tallest man and the world’s smallest woman met recently in Egypt, where they were invited for a photo shoot.

Sultan Kösen, 35, is 251 centimeters tall, while Jyoti Amji, 24, from India, is 62 centimeters tall and they are both Guinness World Record holders.

By the way, in 2011 another record was set for Kössen – the man has the biggest hands in the world! He admits that he couldn’t even dream of being in the Book of Records, and it was a pleasant surprise for him.

Doctors attributed Sultan’s enormous stature to pituitary gigantism, a disorder in which too much growth hormone is produced. History knows only ten people who grew to 243 centimeters.

This great height prevented Sultan from finishing school and he could not get a good education. So he became a farmer and his tall stature helps him in his work. It is not difficult for him to prune tall trees and remove ripe fruits from them. And in his spare time the man spends with his friends, playing video games.

As for Amji, her name was added to the Book of Records when she turned 18. At that age, she weighed only five kilograms. Her diminutiveness was also caused by a disease called achondroplasia. The girl has stopped growing and will remain so small for the rest of her life. Amji has difficulty buying clothes and even dishes, so all these things are made to order for her.

She was invited to participate in the local reality show “Bigg Boss 6” and she even starred in season 4 of the series “American Horror Story.”

The difference in height between Sultan and Jyoti is as much as 189 centimeters.

From this angle, it looks like Jyoti is the size of Sultan’s shoe.

To get a more accurate sense of the scale, check out the iPhone.

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